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Welcome to Keystone Pointe Health and Rehabilitation, located in the peaceful village of LaGrange. Our beautiful campus serves as a home for seniors who require long-term care and support, or short-term rehabilitation services.

At Keystone Pointe, our caregiving team is dedicated to providing person-centered care. This simply means that we understand that every individual has unique needs and preferences, and we strive to respect and honor them in our approach to caring for our residents.

Our team of clinical, social, mental support and spiritual professionals focus on creating an environment where each resident can truly live in the moment and find joy. We understand that it's not just about providing medical care, but also about helping our residents maintain their quality of life. That's why we tailor our services to meet the distinctive needs of our patients.

As needs change, we are continuously adjusting our care to ensure comfortable transitions no matter where you or your loved one happens to be in the healthcare journey. Our long-term and caring staff provides consistent support and companionship, while our thoughtful activities are designed to focus on each resident's abilities rather than limitations. The goal is to reach and maintain a prior level of performance, along with compensating for any loss of function.

In addition, we take great pride in our chef-prepared meals that cater to the unique dietary needs and preferences of our residents. We believe that enjoying delicious, nutritious meals is an important part of maintaining physical health and overall well-being. Our residents are also encouraged to participate in meal planning and have a say in the menu options through our robust Resident Council program.

Situated on a beautiful campus in the serene village of LaGrange, Keystone Pointe offers a peaceful and tranquil setting. We understand that the environment plays a crucial role in overall health and happiness, which is why we have created an inviting and family-like atmosphere for our residents.

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