383 Opportunity Way | LaGrange, Ohio 44050


My brother had a significant stroke in August. We were not sure he would eat on his own again let alone walk. The excellent therapists, patient and kind nurses and good doctors at Keystone got him walking. He ate at our Christmas dinner when many thought he wouldn’t swallow again. He can now walk with only a slight limp after the doctor thought he may not walk again. Thank you Keystone Pointe!


My grandma lives at Keystone Pointe and she loves it there. She was supposed to only be there for therapy but because of her health she got to stay there. She is taken care of and we know we don't have to worry about her there. She is very active in the things they do there. Love it! 


This was my third time coming to Keystone Pointe after being hospitalized. The staff are always so sweet and kind to me when I am there, they help me feel comfortable even though I am getting over illnesses that brought me to the hospital. The therapists helped to get my walking a lot better. When I went to the hospital in February, even though Keystone Pointe is 40 minutes from my house, I told them I want to go there because of the good service I have gotten in the past. I am happy to go home, but I will miss some of the staff.


My mother has been at Keystone for several years. I have been very pleased with the care she receives. She is getting towards the end of life and is now on hospice. I am so touched that the staff who have worked with her show how sad they are that they may lose her too. When some of the nurses and aides expressed that to me, I felt so thankful that the Keystone family accepted mom as if she were a close friend. By the way, I was a nurse for the last 15 years I worked so I know how hospitals and nursing homes should and can work. I am glad we have had mom at Keystone


Thank you for the great care my wife received at Keystone. Nurses have been wonderful, staff friendly, and therapy did wonders. We will refer to friends!